Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, & Zimbabwe

October - December 1996. Some nice beaches along the coast, interesting life in Malawi and ending at Victoria Falls

Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia & Peru

June - September 1999. Caribbean beaches, Angel Falls, the Amazon Basin & the Andes to Machu Picchu

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos & China

January - May 2001. Very cultural trip with excursions to Angkor and some backroads travel in China

Trans Asia Expedition

August - December 2006. Across Asia by Train from Bromsgrove to Hong Kong

Navigator Systems

Navigator Systems provide clients with solutions to control, manage and drive their live event businesses forward through innovative rental management software and technology solutions.

I write reports for their customers, internal web applications running directly on their databases and other database work.


Worked with Dutch colleagues on large Wordpress website for the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends. I was responsible for designing custom tables for the database and extracting the data for display. Also configured javascript map component and wrote pdf export routines in php.
Rebuilt plain html website with php for Onboard Solar Ltd. Added javascript picture galleries, updated text and content as requested and maintained site when required.

Maria of Zaandam Plain html website as a sales tool for barge Maria of Zaandam

First Degree Systems

First Degree Systems innovative software for the window industry. I write reports and configure material lists for a few very carefully selected customers.

I have no official relationship with this company.